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The cultural and professional goal of the Degree Course in Management Engineering is to create professionals being able to fill those management roles needing technical expertise. The cultural profile for the graduates of this Course features a multidisciplinary, flexible and systemic mentality.
The activities of Management Engineers are the purwiev of those changes and innovations affecting more and more the enterprise systems and their actual, management and, ICT-based components. By the same token, this Course provides the cornerstones to educate and train highly-qualified technical professionals, themselves able to promote technological innovation. As they go on in their studies, they will be able to promote technological innovation, as well as design and manage complex systems.
The main knowledge areas a first-degree Management Engineering graduate will deal with concern the setup and management of production systems, business logistics and planning (supply and movements of goods, transports and distribution), business quality and security, the marketing of industrial goods, budgeting and cost accounting.

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